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Enhance your financial growth with customized CPA tax solutions designed for business leaders, entrepreneurs, and investors.

Face Tax Complexities with Confidence

Taxes are your life’s biggest expense. Taxes should not be a maze of confusion. You need to partner with the right team of tax professionals that have the right expertise. With over a decade of specialized CPA tax experience, we understand that a one-size-fits-all approach does not exist in the realm of taxes. Our tax preparation, strategies, planning, and advisory services are personalized to meet the unique needs and challenges of your business or personal taxes. Over 80% of tax returns that we review from new clients reveal inaccuracies or overlooked tax opportunities, which lead to thousands of dollars being overpaid to tax agencies. By partnering with us, you're choosing a team committed to precision, detail, excellence, and strategic tax minimization.

Our Tax Preparation Packages

Our tax preparation services aren’t just about filling out forms, we analyze and determine if each box checked or tax election made applies to your specific income activities.
Our suite of services covers everything from individual tax preparation to business, we including sales tax and payroll tax filings – areas often overshadowed yet critical for compliance and tax optimization. These are some of the income tax forms we’re experts on.

Tax Returns We Specialize On

Our tax preparation offerings are divided into two main packages, the Tax Compliance package for a thorough and reliable handling of your annual tax filings, ensuring you meet all regulatory requirements with accuracy and ease. and Tax Proactive package if you’re seeking not just compliance but also a strategic advantage, with faster turnaround times and ongoing optimization of your tax positions to enhance savings and financial performance throughout the tax year.


We will get your tax return filed and take advantage of available tax saving opportunities
Annual or Monthly Pricing
  • One Personal Tax Return
  • Tax Return Review
  • Quarterly Estimated Tax Calculation — Safe Harbor
  • Tax Return Extension — Firm's Discretion
  • Guaranteed Turnaround Time - Six Weeks
  • Tax Savings Newsletter with Tips & Analysis of New Enacted Legislation
  • One Tax Planning Call - November or December
  • Assigned Point of Contact - Accountant
  • Virtual Filesharing & Document Storage
  • Business Tax Return or Other Tax Filing at Preferred Fee


Faster turnaround time, and we'll optimize your tax positions throughout the year:
Monthly Pricing
  • One Personal Tax Return
  • Tax Return Review
  • Quarterly Estimated Tax Calculation
  • Tax Optimization Checklist - Quarterly
  • Tax Return Extension — Client Discretion
  • Tax Return Extension Calculation
  • Guaranteed Turnaround Time - Three Weeks
  • Tax Savings Newsletter with Tips & Analysis of New Enacted Legislation
  • Three Tax Planning Calls
  • IRS or State Agency Notice Response
  • Assigned Point of Contact - Manager
  • Premium Email Support
  • Virtual Filesharing & Document Storage
  • Business Tax Return or Other Tax Filing at Preferred Fee

Our Process For Tax Preparation

CPA tax preparation advisory business entrepreneur investor - commencement call

Commencement Call

We'll outline the tax preparation process, engagement expectation, and information required to prepare your tax filing.

CPA tax preparation advisory business entrepreneur investor - tax preparation

Tax Preparation

Our experienced team dives into the intricacies of your tax filing, review it for accuracy, and uncover potential tax-saving opportunities.

CPA tax preparation advisory business entrepreneur investor - tax filing

Review & File

Once your tax return is prepared and fully reviewed, we'll send it to you for final review. Upon your approval, we'll file it on your behalf.

Tax Reduction Planning

At our firm, we focus on developing personalized business and personal tax strategies to maximize both your tax savings and your after-tax income. Our proactive approach involves regular reviews of your taxable activities and adjustments to new tax laws and expiring tax laws to ensure optimal tax strategies are in place, helping you navigate the complexities of tax effectively.

For legal entity owners, we understand the importance of entity selection and related tax elections in shaping the future of your business tax plan. Our team dedicates time to understand your specific situation, advising on the best formation to support your business near future goals.

Our tax planning services are designed to help you successfully and legally minimize your tax liabilities. By ensuring compliance and suggesting strategic tax-saving opportunities, we aim to minimize your tax liabilities. Our services cater to startups and established businesses alike, identifying often overlooked deductions to limit future tax liabilities.

We also offer specialized support for unexpected tax issues, working closely with financial advisors and investment decisions to consider tax implications. Our continuous research and monitoring of legislative changes ensure we’re prepared to address complex tax situations, providing you with effective strategies to minimize taxes and stay compliant.

Our Process For Tax Planning

CPA tax preparation advisory business entrepreneur investor - tax planning calls

Initial Calls

Engage with our tax advisor to discuss your current and historical taxable positions on your business, investments, and personal matters. We’ll go over requirements and requests too.

CPA tax preparation advisory business entrepreneur investor - tax planning

Tax Plan

We’ll walk you through your personalized tax plan with tax minimization strategies. The tax plan will include action steps, implementation, and projected tax minimization.

CPA tax preparation advisory business entrepreneur investor - tax filing

Reduced Taxes

Rely on your tax plan, action steps, and implementation for a path to minimized tax liabilities. Our clients generally regain their tax strategy investment in that same tax year filing.

CPA tax preparation advisory business entrepreneur investor - tax filing

Ongoing Support

Your tax advisor will be available throughout the year to support you as your business grows or changes need occur to the tax strategies plan.

Year-round Accounting & Tax

We are more than just a “year-end” tax and accounting firm; we are your dedicated financial partners. Combine our services and allow us to manage your tax planning, accounting, and financial strategy throughout the year— monthly or quarterly — so you can focus on what you do best—running a profitable business.

Year-Round Accounting & Tax

Accounting + Tax
$ 900 Starting at (Monthly)
  • Bookkeeping & Accounting Review
  • Financial Statements & Reporting
  • Tax preparation & planning
  • IRS & State tax notice resolution
  • E-mail Support
  • Forms 1099 Filing & Distribution (Limited Number)
  • + Add-ons
CPA - combine tax, accounting, and bookkeeping - step 1

Streamline Your Bookkeeping

We'll initiate with a thorough bookkeeping cleanup to set the stage for accurate, real-time accounting.

CPA - combine tax, accounting, and bookkeeping - step 2

In-Depth Tax Savings Analysis

We'll deep dive into your historical tax returns and accounting records to identify actionable tax strategies.

CPA - combine tax, accounting, and bookkeeping - step 3

Customized Tax Minimization Plan

We'll develop a tax plan specific to you for immediate and long-term tax savings. Benefit from frequent updates to adapt to tax law changes.

CPA - combine tax, accounting, and bookkeeping - step 4

Top-tier Accounting & Bookkeeping

We'll maintain continuous impeccable books and records that keep your financials current and compliant.

CPA - combine tax, accounting, and bookkeeping - step 5

Data-Driven Financial Reports

Receive insights into your business through our monthly or quarterly financial reports, complete with Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

CPA - combine tax, accounting, and bookkeeping - step 6

Accurate Tax Estimations to Avoid Surprises

Rely on precise tax estimates based on the custom tax plan that we created. Never overpay or fall behind on your tax obligations.

CPA - combine tax, accounting, and bookkeeping - step 7

Pre-Year-End Strategic Tax Meeting

We'll meet before year-end to assess your year-to-date financial performance and help you make informed business decisions.

CPA - combine tax, accounting, and bookkeeping - step 8

Prepare & File Your Tax Returns

We'll prepare and file your tax returns along with any tax elections or schedules required.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What type of tax returns do you prepare?

We are experienced and prepare Federal and State tax returns for all type of entities. 
– Individual returns: Form 1040
– S-Corporation returns: Form 1120S
– Partnership returns: Form 1065
– C Corporation returns: Form 1120
– Consolidated C Corporations: Form 1120 & 851
– Trust returns: Form 1041
– State tax returns: separate, pass-through, composite, unitary, combined.
– International tax returns: Forms 1040NR, 5471, 5472, 8858, 8869

Does your tax preparation include tax strategies or planning?

Generally no, on our tax preparation services, we only take advantage of available tax saving opportunities. Our tax strategies and planning services include tax research, multiple planning calls with you, deep review of historical and current tax positions, analysis of tax legislations specific to your income activities, two-five year plan, implementation, strategic tax elections, accounting method changes, etc. This is provided in a different service package. 

When is tax strategies, planning, or advisory beneficial for me?

Anytime is the right time for tax strategy, planning, and advisory. Proactive measures taken throughout and well (years in advance) before the tax year can substantially lower your tax liabilities. This holds true for both new entrepreneurs, business owners, or experienced investors, the aim is to minimize income tax liabilities and keep your hard-earned money with you.

Where are you located?

Our main location is in Miami, Florida. We mostly serve as a remote/virtual CPA firm and all our employees and clients are spread nationwide.

What type of clients do you serve?

We serve a diverse clientele that includes business leaders, entrepreneurs, and investors.

How is your fee structure designed?

Transparency is key in our fee structure. We assess the intricacies, complexity, difficulty and time-consumption of the required services to determine fees. We offer various packages, including monthly or annual arrangements.
Our typical business clients will pay an average of $1,000/month between bookkeeping, tax planning, and tax preparation throughout the year. This will vary by client, some pay much more than this while some pay a bit less.

Will you be able to file my tax return by the filing deadline?

We generally file tax returns within three weeks, from when all required information is provided. To uphold the quality of our services, especially for new clients, we may extend the filing for quality control purposes to make sure that we’re preparing them accurately and that we’re not pending any information.

How do you keep our documents and data safe?

We use top technology providers for secure communication and document exchange. The providers are SOC 2 compliant platforms like Google, Microsoft, and CCH, ensuring top-tier protection for your information in the cloud.

If I’m extended past the deadline, will I know how much tax to pay by the deadline?

To avoid penalties and interest, we suggest the IRS safe harbor method—paying 110% of your previous year’s tax—or in various cases we can calculate a tax estimate for you.

Can I meet with a member of the Tax Preparation team to get everything in order to prepare my filing?

Absolutely! We schedule an initial consultation for all new clients with our tax preparation team to outline the process, set expectations, and list the necessary documents for your tax return preparation.

Do your CPAs or tax experts take continuing professional education (CPE) to keep up-to-date on tax legislation changes?

Indeed, except for our administrative personnel, our team engages in annual continuing professional education to stay on top of tax legislation proposed changes or enacted changes. We also constantly perform thorough research on both enacted and proposed tax laws.

Do you work with foreign or international individuals (or entities) who file U.S. tax returns?

Yes, we provide tax services for foreign or international individuals and entities requiring U.S. tax return filing.

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