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Expert CPA Services - Sacramento, CA

Premier CPA Tax & Accounting Solutions for Sacramento Visionary Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, and Investors

Whether you’re launching or expanding a business, seeking advanced tax advice, in need of dynamic bookkeeping services, aiming to reduce tax liabilities, a real estate investor, or in search of financial or business advisory services?

Sacramento CPA - Tax & Accounting Strategies

Seeking More Than Just Basic Tax Services?

Our CPA tax services are crafted to boost your tax efficiency and streamline financial management. We stay ahead of changing tax regulations to ensure you enjoy the most beneficial tax strategies, always in compliance and steering clear of IRS complications.

Seeking Streamlined Accounting Solutions?

Our CPA accounting and bookkeeping services are designed to optimize your financial processes, delivering precise, up-to-date, and meaningful financial reports for a transparent view of your financial health.

Empowering Sacramento''s Business Innovators, Entrepreneurs, and Investors in Tax Minimization and Wealth Maximization

Sacramento CPA - Tax & Accounting Services



Mastering Financials: Advanced Accounting & Bookkeeping Services

Business financial management should be empowering, not daunting. Start your journey to financial clarity and control with a dedicated CPA partner, bringing over a decade of accounting and bookkeeping expertise. Our Sacramento CPA accounting and bookkeeping services are specialized, ensuring your business operates with financial efficiency and strength.

Efficiently Tackle Tax Preparation & Planning

Tackling taxes, a significant business expense, should be straightforward. Collaborate with our experienced tax professionals. Our team, rich in CPA tax experience, understands that one-size-fits-all doesn’t work in taxation. Our Sacramento CPA tax services, encompassing preparation, strategy, planning, and advisory, are customized to cater to the unique tax challenges and requirements of your personal or business needs.

Engage With Us

JG CPA & Advisory - consultation

Initial Consultation

Schedule a virtual or phone meeting to discuss your immediate financial needs, long-term goals, and any concerns. We place high importance on fully understanding your unique situation.

JG CPA & Advisory - proposal

Custom Proposal

Based on your distinct needs and desired services, we create a customized proposal, outlining how we can support you.

JG CPA & Advisory - agreement

Formal Agreement

We formalize our partnership with a clear agreement, fostering trust and mutual understanding from the start.

JG CPA & Advisory - onboarding

Effortless Onboarding

Transitioning from another CPA? We ensure a smooth changeover, from integrating software to transferring data securely.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you manage client communication?

With clients across the nation and internationally, we leverage advanced technology for efficient virtual or phone communication. Our strategically located team serves clients everywhere effectively. Email inquiries are acknowledged and addressed within 24-48 hours, maintaining an outstanding client experience.

What client profiles do you typically work with?

Our client base consists of business leaders, entrepreneurs, and investors. We specialize in strategic tax planning and financial advisory services catering to these groups. Our expertise spans multiple income activities.

Where is your main office location?

While headquartered in Miami, Florida, we predominantly operate as a remote/virtual CPA firm. Our team and client base are spread throughout the United States.

Can you describe your fee structure?

Our fees are transparent, based on the complexity and extent of services required. We provide tiered packages, often involving monthly or annual subscriptions. We ensure no surprise billing; additional work beyond the initial scope is always communicated upfront.

What types of businesses do you assist with bookkeeping and accounting?

We serve a broad spectrum of clients, from individual proprietors to companies with up to 100 employees, spanning various sectors. These businesses generally have annual revenues ranging from $100k to $50m.

How are your accounting and bookkeeping services priced?

Our pricing is tailored to your business’s size, transaction volume, complexity, and the duration of operation without an accounting system. For new clients or those needing initial system implementation, cleanup, or catch-up work, we charge separately for these additional services. Regular billing for bookkeeping or accounting services follows.

For new clients or those requiring initial accounting system implementation, excessive clean-up, and/or substantial up-to-date work, we generally charge you separately for this additional service. Post this, regular bookkeeping or accounting billing cycles commence.

What types of tax returns do you handle?

We excel in preparing Federal and State tax returns for all kinds of entities.

Individual returns: Form 1040
S-Corporation returns: Form 1120S
Partnership returns: Form 1065
C Corporation returns: Form 1120
Consolidated C Corporations: Form 1120 & 851
Trust returns: Form 1041
State tax returns: various forms
International tax returns: Forms 1040NR, 5471, 5472, 8858, 8869

– Individual returns: Form 1040
– S-Corporation returns: Form 1120S
– Partnership returns: Form 1065
– C Corporation returns: Form 1120
– Consolidated C Corporations: Form 1120 & 851
– Trust returns: Form 1041
– State tax returns: separate, pass-through, composite, unitary, combined.
– International tax returns: Forms 1040NR, 5471, 5472, 8858, 8869.

Who benefits from your monthly bookkeeping or accounting services?

Our monthly services are ideal for investors, entrepreneurs, and growing or established businesses. Outsourcing accounting to us allows you to focus on business expansion, leveraging our CPA and accounting expertise for continuous financial support and guidance.

What software do you use for accounting and bookkeeping?

We currently utilize QuickBooks Online for our client accounting systems, ensuring efficiency and accessibility.

Do you have a Sacramento office address or location address?

Yes, we do have a Sacramento location address, it is

2014 Capitol Ave, Suite 100, Sacramento, CA 95811

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