Financial & Business Advisory

Optimize your financial health with tailored financial and business advisory services, strategically focused on empowering business leaders, entrepreneurs, and investors.

Our Transaction Advisory Services

Risks to your transaction may come from financial, operational, technology, or tax exposures and may be hidden from an untrained eye. Transactional success ultimately depends on your ability to accurately and efficiently identify risks and value. Our approach goes beyond standard financial due diligence to uncover target value and assess risks with precision. For those who are looking to acquire companies to those who are selling a family business. The goal remains consistent, to maximize the value of the company, for the owners or acquirers. Navigating the potential of risks—be it financial, operational, technological, or tax-related—is a task for experienced professionals.

Buyer - M&A Advisory

CPA financial transactional advisory - buyer M&A
Engaging early with our financial advisory is a strategic move for a successful acquisition. We guide you through the complexities of buy-side transactions, ensuring a smooth process. We provide relief from the outset, by helping enhance your acquisition strategy, conduct thorough financial due diligence, optimize deal structure, and assist in post-acquisition financial integration. For buyers, our suite of services include:

Seller - M&A Advisory

CPA financial transactional advisory - seller M&A
Early collaboration with our financial advisory team can significantly pay off. We prepare you for market by resolving any accounting or financial reporting complexities. The earlier you engage us, the more we can assist you in improving earnings performance, cash management, financial strategies, and preparing for transaction. For sellers, our suite of services include:

Business Transformation & Integration

Hidden within every business, whether thriving or surviving, lies untapped value. Whether your business is meeting expectations or consistently missing targets, seizing improvement opportunities to improve organizational performance and maximize value are essential. Your management team may be well-suited to run your organization. But uncovering the key to maximizing value within your company requires diverse skills and significant expertise. We target business transformation & integration in three pivotal areas – operations management, business strategies, and financial analytics.

Business Consulting

In the volatile business realm of the small and middle market businesses, readiness is key. External pressures are constantly there, whether from owners, regulators, competitors, and technology. Even the most successful businesses are often preparing to quickly adapt to changing conditions. Our business consulting services empower your company to improve operational efficiency, align strategy with execution, maximize return on investments, and strategically plan for future, including M&A activities.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do you provide a financial diligence or Quality of Earnings report for those acquiring or selling a business or business segment?

Yes, we provide a QoE comprehensive financial analysis. We analyze EBITDA, Adjusted EBITDA, SDE, Customer Relationships, Vendor Relationships, Working Capital analysis, and much more.

Do you provide income tax diligence, tax benefit, or after-tax cash proceeds analysis for business sales and business acquisitions?

Yes, we’re experienced in tax strategies, we provide income tax diligence, tax benefit analysis, after-tax cash analysis, pre-and-post transaction tax structuring, sales tax and operational tax analysis, and much more.

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