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For our prospective clients, we offer two distinct pathways to ensure we meet your needs most effectively.

Option 1: Schedule a Consultation

If you’re looking for a CPA consultation call, a personalized approach to address a specific tax issue, entity formation tax matter, accounting concern, review your tax returns, or to discuss your financial goals, we recommend scheduling a 30-minute consultation call.
Note: There is a fee for this CPA consultation call which reflects the value we provide while discussing your needs on the call. If you decide to engage us, you will receive a credit for this fee on your first invoice.

Option 2: Know What You Need?

For those who have a clear understanding of their needs and the services they require from us, we invite you to fill out our webform below. Providing detailed information about your situation allows us to tailor our services precisely to your needs.

Webform Processing

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Fill Out Webform

The more information you provide about yourself the better. This step ensures we understand your unique needs and tailor our services accordingly. The more specific you are, the better we can assist.

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Review & Email From Us

Immediately upon receiving your details, our staff will review your submission. Shortly after, you'll receive an email from us with next steps including our appointment scheduling availability to a virtual meeting or phone call.

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Engage In An Introductory Call

This is a complimentary call with our business development team. Here, we'll delve into the specifics of your needs based on your submission details, and ensure our services align perfectly with your goals and situation.

What Generally Follows Next?

JG CPA & Advisory - proposal


Based on your unique needs and services requested, we craft a personalized proposal that outlines and details the services we will offer, priced for exactly what you need and nothing that you don’t.

JG CPA & Advisory - agreement


We formalize our partnership through a clear and straightforward agreement, ensuring mutual understanding and trust from day one.

JG CPA & Advisory - onboarding

Seamless Onboarding

Transitioning from your previous CPA? We guarantee a smooth process, from software integration to secure data migration.

Prospective Client Webform
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Provide high-level details on your income streams, activities, planned major events, and anything else describes how we can help you.
Privacy & Consent
JG CPA & Advisory P.A. is committed to protecting and respecting your privacy. We will use your personal information solely to review your request submission and provide the products and services you have requested from us. By selecting 'I agree' above, you give your consent for us to contact you for this purpose. Furthermore, by choosing 'I agree,' you acknowledge and consent that to provide you with the content requested, we must store, review, and process the information you have provided.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is there a fee or cost associated with your initial consultation?

If you are seeking a CPA consultation call to address a specific issue or matter, please note that there is a fee for this call. However, if you decide to engage our services following the consultation, we will credit the fee towards your first invoice. Alternatively, for those who already have a clear understanding of their needs and the services they require from us, we encourage you to fill out our webform. A member of our business development team will schedule a call with you. Please note, no tax or financial advice will be provided in this call, and therefore, there is no fee for this introductory call.

What's the average amount of time that it takes your professionals to review the submission?

On average it takes our professionals around one hour from the receipt of the submission to review it and send you an e-mail with next steps

How should I prepare for a scheduled call to make the most of our time?

To ensure our initial consultation is as productive as possible, please review your recent tax returns, go over your current financial concerns, and any specific questions you’d like to address ready. This will help us tailor our conversation to your unique situation.

What financial documents do you recommend I review before a scheduled call?

We recommend you gather your recent tax filings, bank statements, income statements, balance sheets, and any other financial records pertinent to your business or personal finances. Accurate and complete information facilitates a thorough initial consultation.

In case I need ongoing services, how does your firm handle regular communication and updates?

We prioritize clear and consistent communication. We acknowledge email receipts quickly. For ongoing services, we’ll establish a communication schedule that suits your needs, including regular updates and checkpoints to discuss your financial status and strategies.

Can you provide personalized advice for tax-efficient strategies specific to my industry?

Absolutely. Our CPA tax, accounting, and financial expertise crosses various industries, allowing us to offer customized tax-efficient strategies that cater to the specific challenges and opportunities within your field. Please see our tax services page.

Do you offer support with tax compliance and representation before the IRS or state tax agencies?

Yes, we stand by our clients in all aspects of tax compliance and, if needed, provide representation before the IRS or state tax agencies. Our team is equipped to ensure you’re fully supported through any tax-related matters.

How does your firm ensure the confidentiality and security of my financial information?

Your privacy is important. We use secure practices to safeguard your financial data, ensuring confidentiality and security at every turn. We also use top virtual portals and cloud-based platforms like Microsoft Onedrive, Google, CCH, Intuit and other top secured applications. All the applications we utilize meet SOC 2 certification compliance. 

What makes your firm different from other CPA and advisory services?

We’re a small boutique CPA firm with professionals of high level expertise backgrounds and heavily experienced in tax, accounting, and financial services for business leaders, entrepreneurs, and investors. We’re committed to delivering top customized solutions and personal service to every client. We pride ourselves in our services adding value to you beyond your needs.

How is your pricing structured for the various services you offer?

Our pricing is transparent and value-based, personalized to the complexity of your needs and the amount of services required. Most of our service packages are monthly-based with others paid for the specific scope of work. We’ll discuss further during our initial consultation to find a structure that aligns with your financial objectives.

Are there any particular financial challenges or opportunities I should be aware of this tax year?

Each tax year brings new opportunities and challenges. This tax year many of the TCJA (from 2017/2018) tax provisions expire or drastically change. Planning for this is highly recommended. There’s also new reporting requirements for most entities with FINCEN.

Can you assist with both personal and business accounting and tax services?

We offer comprehensive services that cover both personal and business accounting and tax services to create a cohesive strategy for your overall financial well-being.

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